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Dirk Mc Kenzie

Wealthy Affiliate, Saber Animations
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Mound, MN 55364
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People who want the REAL and UGLY truth about MLM that the MLM industry DOES NOT want you to know... Individuals that are tired of making nothing from online opportunities, please take a look at this. This a platform that teaches you everything you could possibly want to know, step by step. There are no MLM levels and so forth. You build your business at your pace, how you want it. Anything that you have a passion for in your life, can be turned into a very profitable business. Read down below about the real truth and click the link. If you are tired of all the scams, tired of posting into oblivion, day by day and getting virtually nothing back for your efforts...then this is for you. Do it properly this time, or keep clicking a million times a day in businesses that are only there to make money from your ignorance. This is a greedy, scam filled world we are trying to make money in. Join something that is ethical, real, legitimate and is done at your pace... Or keep doing what you are doing and in a couple years, you will most probably still be clicking and posting...for nothing... Your choice...

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What do I do? I personally am a video editor. I also do intros, outros, and video message developments. But I am also part of an online marketing platform, that is a training center that is specifically custom developed to help people start their own online business and grow it to proper maturity and scale. The first question people always want to know is, is the platform an MLM, or a pyramid scheme, or perhaps a proper business? Very valid question! I have also lost many thousands before I found Wealthy Affiliate. You could not get more skeptical than me. So, I will let you make up your own mind. It is definitely NOT an MLM, there are no x amount of levels and and and... In this platform you learn day by day at YOUR own pace, going through training courses that are designed to help and show you how to build a website, bring traffic to it, paid or free traffic, we teach it all, and of course, make money from it in any industry or niche YOU choose. Note I said, what YOU choose, not what the company tells you, but what YOU decide to pursue as a niche/topic for your website. Make a site for YOU and out of YOUR own passion/hobbies or interests, not just what the company tells you to promote. Here we build and empower YOU... Why should you join Wealthy Affiliate? - Wealthy Affiliate has 24/7 support. - Courses build you, lesson by lesson, step by step. - 1000's of tutorials for custom answers to your needs - You start for free, to see if it fits you - 2 FREE websites - FREE hosting What I personally love the most, it is a SCAM FREE environment. No gurus, upsells, side products, no unreal "you will be a millionaire by the morning" promises, a strong support system and no faceless management. We all know we are all tired of that! No one to bug you to first buy this, then this to make the previous thinghy work, then another, and another! No "gurus" that know everything but deliver nothing unless you pay extra for it! Even the owners, Kyle and Carson, are online very regularly to help. What are the benefits of being a Wealthy Affiliate member? - You can sign up for free unless you want to upgrade. - You can choose to end your membership whenever without monetary obligation. - There will always be one on one support from anyone in the community. - No stress. - Real, live people to chat to and ask your questions. Comparing them to others? I will give you the links to compare it to many, different programs. Don't take my word for it, see what people are saying themselves. Compared to university tuition in same fields: - Compared to "similar" hosting plans available out there: - Make your own comparison: Does your offer have the following, at the same price as Wealthy Affiliate does? - Is it easy to get help? - Can you Contact the Owners? - Is there a live chat? - Is there step-by-step training? - Are free websites included? - Is web hosting included? - Do they offer a domain platform? - Can you try for free? - Is there a keyword research tool? - Is there an affiliate program? There are plenty of programs out there that promise the moon and the stars but deliver only shattered dreams and hopes. What we offer here, is real, custom, ethical and step by step. If you want the same package we offer in other programs, be prepared for packages of up to about $250... a month... Prices for our package? I believe in being upfront and transparent, so here are the prices as it is at the moment: Special coming up now: Black Friday, November 27, 2016, and ending on Cyber Monday, November 30, at 11:59PM PST, 2016, lock in your yearly special for only $299 a year! That is $0.82c a day, or $24.91 a month, for the premium package! Take this special and it will be locked in from then on, year after year, still just $299! Joining free: Join for free and get two websites for free! Joining the Premium Membership First month: $19 Thereafter per month: $49 Per Year: $359 In the end, it stays your decision. It is your money and your life after all. But I see millions of people spending so much on programs that are flat out lying to them. We have a choice between wasting money on companies that ride on your hopes and dreams, only to shatter them...or investing just $49 a month or even less in YOURSELF, and building your future, step by step, to a scalable, proper, ethical online business? I think the choice is obvious. There is a reason we are approaching almost 800 000 members... Come see for yourself... Thank you. #success #wealth #love #wealthyaffiliate #stopthescams #legit #network #tryit #changeyourfuture #affiliateincome #passiveincome #doittherightway #awesome #onlineincome #onlinebusiness #onlinesuccess #yesthisisreal

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