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Dana Martin

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Bellevue, WA 98005
United States
T: 425.223.4567

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I am looking for Forex Traders who would like to automate their trading and spend only a few minutes per week managing their account.

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Instead of me patting myself on the back and telling how great my systems are, I thought I would let some of the members do it. Testimonials Dear W.P.- I just wanted to pass along a big thank you to you and your support team at Windsor Park FX ! I am excited that there is a company that will actually allow me to utilize their EA on a demo account for as long as I like until I am convinced that it actually works before I spend a dime to get involved. (Good or bad, that took only 1 week and 32 consecutive positive trades for me!) I am also very impressed with the Smart Trader EA and how many times I wake up with more money in my account than I had when I went to bed the night before ! I am up more than 70% on a small live account that I started trading less than a month ago, and I am up 30 plus % on a demo I am experimenting with in only 4 weeks using only 2 currencies. I've been using the software for 2 months at this point, and have only one year of FX "experience" thus far. I have spent multiple thousands on systems and programs that have gotten me no further than I had gotten myself with all the free info available via the internet. I never believed that there was something this lucrative available to the public that actually worked so well AND that is affordable to the "average Joe" trader. I am finally excited again about trading FX and the possibilities that lie ahead. Thanks again to you and your team Dana! I'm looking forward to having a future in FX again.. Sincerely, Chris C. Washington, MO "This software works great! Made money 1st 2 nights with cricket (about $600). Best software I've ever used. Last night with cricket and smart trader I made $1,846. I started at midnight with cricket, made a chunk, did it again at 5:30 and made a chunk. When it closed I went to smart trader GBP/JPY and turned it on got up at 9:00 and it gave me 2 cash grabs and now I have $1846 more today. The software is great but it is the support of your staff that make it work. The brain storming on Tuesday nights is priceless. Hope I can do a repeat performance tonight. " Glenn Eburn "Windsor Park FX has taken the Forex expert advisor to an entirely new level of profitability and risk management. Unlike those off-the-shelf trading robots that lock you into hard-coded strategies optimized for limited market conditions, Windsor Park's EA is a sophisticated and highly flexible tool that not only performs exactly as programmed, but can be adjusted by the trader to adapt to trending vs. ranging market conditions as they unfold. Bottom line: If those retail 'bots' are your father's Oldsmobile, this is your new Bugatti. Buckle up." -- Gordon Philips, The Institute Of Higher Earning I am so excited about Dana's Software. We made 10 percent in one week playing the market very conservatively. It was so great to finally have a program that works so well. Thank you so much Dana. Thanks. Heidi and Harold Miller My name is Rado. I'm coming from Europa. I find on web information, about great Trade Manager EA and it's brilliant owner Dana. She did teach me some starting details about her Trade Manager and I start to run it on several demo accounts. After a few weeks I find out great performance of Trade Manager and it's very low risk. I just couldn't believe it can make so much profit, but it really did. After a while, I opened 4 real accounts and with great, I mean really great technical help by Dana, we ran 4 different strategies on my 4 live accounts. I start ran live accounts on 17th February 2009 and since then I grab to my 5th account ( cash holding account) already 11000usd pure profit. Just amazing. So much profit in mater of 3 weeks. Sometimes I think I dream this story, but it is totally real!!!!!!!! Also want to say thanks to Dana. She is really great person, giving me great technical support, which we all need to win forex. There wasn't day, that she didn't have time to speak or chat with me about my many many questions. Great job Dana, thank you again!!! Trading Forex can be enormously fun, but as many traders find out it can be addictive and stressful as well. I've been trading stocks, commodities and futures for over 20 years, but when I discovered the Forex a couple years ago everything else went by the wayside. I've tried lots of systems during the time I've been an active Forex trader, some automated, some not, some good, some not so good, and most recently Trade Manager, which seems nothing short of miraculous. Although I still enjoy the occasional all-nighter trading the Forex, with Trade Manager I don't have to feel like I'm missing anything if I choose to sleep at night. It's easy to install and fun to watch as it consistently makes profits. The Profit Manager keeps me from having to decide when to take profits. You decide how much cash to grab at one time. In the first four DAYS I used this system I grabbed cash about half a dozen times for a 6.5 % profit, and this in a choppy, sideways market. I absolutely love Trade Manager and would recommend it to anyone who trades or who would like to trade the Forex, with or without previous trading experience. M. G. Hello, my name is Brandon. I was actually one of the very first persons to sign up as a member with Trade Manager. Since it's inception I've personally seen my account go up by over 40% in less then 4 months. I know that there are claims out there to making better than that returns on your money, however I'm a bit more of a cautious trader, and don't care to trade in higher risk scenarios. I also have found this system to be extremely helpful in learning simple ways to really capitalize on the market's potential of making a steady 2nd stream of income, and not have it really effect my social, or daily life much at all. I highly recommend to anyone who would like to successfully trade on the 4x market, take the time to download the free demo software, and try it out. See for yourself the awesome power that this will have over increasing your trading capitol, and helping to secure your nest egg for retirement! I wish you all a fantastic day, a profitable month, and a prosperous year! - Brandon Dear Trade Manager, I wanted to fill you in on my trading account, where I utilize your Trade Manager tools. As you know, the past couple of weeks have been a nightmare for many currency traders, and I would think that the large majority of FX traders have been kicked in the backside pretty hard over this time. And even my account, as modest and conservative as it is, was down very slightly just last night from the market mess of the past two weeks or so; however nothing to be concerned with. This morning however, I did a cash grab, taking profits of over $500 (added to an earlier cash grab last week). This amounts to over a $1,000 improvement over last night...and I'm talking about a $5,000 account! That's over a 20% improvement, overnight! So, even though the Trade Manager tools, utilizing the true hedge concept are designed to be conservative, I can see that it can also really blossom when the market turns the other way! All of the negative trades in my account from last night turned into profits today. That's the beauty of the hedging in your program, as what goes down eventually comes back positive, and vice versa. I now look at the modest negative positions in my account as my future profit. I cannot think of another FX trading concept that would have performed so beautifully over this past couple of weeks, considering the volatility of the market. Thank you for creating such a nice concept, and the great automatic tools that work with it. Thanks again for all your help, - L Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you and your great software. I have been trying to trade for over 3 years and in the end I have ALWAYS lost. Not only have I made money, I have made it on a consistent basis and have the pleasure of dealing with someone that is honest and sincere. Thank you once again. -Steve Since becoming a member I have attended 2 meetings and have found them to be very informative and intuitive. I have had lots of questions and the staff has been very gracious to meet with me as needed to make sure I understand the process and the trading tools. The systems I have been working with so far show some very exciting results and I am stoked. Having been an equity trader in a previous life I can feel my roots starting to rekindle. -Lyle D.

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