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Eugenio Hernandez

Media Wholesale

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Media freelancers, media outlets, and media relations practitioners.

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World News on Demand™ (WNOD™) is not the first, but simply the best global Online Virtual News Agency created for freelance media journalists and media outlets worldwide. WNOD™ provides mass media organizations around the world (Television Networks, Television Stations, Media Production Companies, Internet Portals, Radio Stations, Newspapers, etc.) with fast-download broadcast media content “ready-to-air” and “a la carte” at highly competitive prices. We are here to help bring balance to the news industry and to help news-makers and providers maximize their revenues. Breaking new ground and breaking with the models of traditional content-providers World News On Demand will allow at no cost to freelancers, media outlets, and media relations practitioners access to a global marketplace of media outlets across all platforms and in all media formats. Content is priced competitively because it does not rely on a single sale, making it both affordable and accessible to even the most tightly-constrained budget. Content is available on demand around the world and paid for as it is accessed, enabling tighter content and budgets control, cutting excess costs and wasted time – outlets only pay for the content they want, not a costly subscription package from traditional news agencies which in the long run they will not need. From a revenue perspective the value of newly-generated content as well as archive material can be realised multiple times with WNOD’s business model, which does not require rights to be given wholesale to a single purchaser. With the WNOD model users keep the rights to their produced content at all times and, in addition, it can restrict content in a number of ways when needed, such as placing embargoes on usage time or outlets, defining when the content can be aired or published, detailing if the content must have a mandatory courtesy caption, and, most essentially, whether to restrict countries from purchasing your content inside our outside your market region. The international wholesale potential of your original pubic interest content is an opened door to a new performance-related pay for your organization. The return to your contribution is based on WNOD’s “Unified Shared Media Portal” (USMP). USMP is a 70/30 shared-revenue business-model structure where the contributed content entitles organizations to a 70 percent “Life-Royalty-Residual” (LRR) of material sold and archived. This system ensure content providers can continue to earn well-deserved rewards for the work they create long after the initial purchase by media outlets worldwide via WNOD™. USMP translates a new revenue stream into your balance sheet and additional returns for covering costs for your current and future news production coverage plans. In addition, where you previously had to wait weeks, if not months, for the paperwork to make its way through a financial bureaucracy before you were paid, the WNOD model relies on a much quicker and more streamlined system. In essence, because content providers pay upfront for material, the instant your material is purchased, your earnings are instantly on the way to your account thanks to our unrivalled payment system. Registration with WNOD is free and offers the opportunity to start uploading your material and generating revenues the same day. Your new material, as well as any archive material for which you still have the rights, can consistently start generating profits for your organization. The WNOD model combines ease, speed, clarity and access to a global marketplace to ensure you reap the rewards of your organization’s hard work and creativity as much as possible. To find out more details and sign up for WNOD’s services, please visit:

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